The Weather Channel Continues to Feast on Our Flesh as it Feeds on Our Fears


Hey guys, what’s new?

I have not been posting much lately as I have moved to Aruba to pursue a career in not working. I’m back to update you on a story I wrote a few months back.

Link to old story:

Why is THE WEATHER CHANNEL trying to frighten us?

For those of you who hate clicking on links – my previous blog was about how the Weather Channel posts wildly disturbing statistics about mass weather related casualties. Stories that for some reason are only reported by Weather.com.

Sadly, I still have not been able to find a motive behind the Weather Channel’s fear mongering but I have returned to tell you that they have not let up.

Here is a compilation of screenshots showing the Weather Channel’s reckless journalistic abandon.

P.S. According to these pictures, I hate charging my phone.



Are you scared yet? #stoptheweatherchannel

-Steak Jones



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