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The 2018 NBA Draft is rapidly approaching, and we are all curious to see how each team will shape out. This year’s draft has way more obscurity than previous years. With that obscurity comes a boatload of questions and I’m going to do my best to shed some light on it all. I paid a small amount of attention during the college basketball season, but I’ve watched hours of tape on these guys. I’ve seen other reports on these players too to have a good understanding of what kind of player they are and could become.

Who should get Drafted First Overall?

This is one of the only questions that a great majority of people agree on. DeAndre Ayton should be drafted with the first pick because he’s an absolute monster. He’s a 7’1” 250-pound center who can bully in the paint and knockdown threes if he wants. On top of that, his fit with the Phoenix Suns is perfect. He went to school at Arizona, so he already has somewhat of the Suns fanbase behind him. The Suns have been itching to add a big man to pair up with Devin Booker to create that “Shaq and Kobe” type of feel. I feel that Ayton will have an instant impact on the Suns. If they find a way to get a good scoring wing with Booker and Ayton, they could make some noise next season.

Who’s gonna become the Best Player?

Right now, Ayton is more than likely the best player this draft has to offer. However, I don’t believe that when we look back at this draft class 20 years from now, we will say Ayton had the best career. Ignoring the possibility of injury, I think that Mohamed Bamba will become the best player. He’s 7’1” with the longest recorded wingspan ever for an NBA player. The dude can knock down threes with ease also. I just watched a video with Bamba in the gym knocking down stepback threes like he’s James Harden. He’s basically Rudy Gobert mixed with Al Horford’s shooting and the speed of Russell Westbrook. He’s my favorite guy going into this draft after listening to how mature he is during interviews and I can’t wait to see him on display in the NBA.

What’s the deal with Luka Doncic?

Luke Doncic has become this draft’s biggest question. Once the NBA season ended he was put in mock drafts at either first or second. Suddenly he’s been sliding and now could be drafted 5th or later. Him being a European player is a massive reason for the questions, but that’s not all. Doncic isn’t a flashy player by any means, and people love seeing flash. What Luka is, is a 6’8” wing player who can handle the ball like a point guard and make his threes. Also, he’s already proven himself with succeeding in high level competition. Doncic is the youngest player to ever win the EuroLeague MVP. The spotlight isn’t too bright for him. I’d compare his playstyle to James Harden in the way that he isn’t considered fast, but he’s deceptively quick.

Who’s the Safest Pick?

Some teams don’t want to make a risky pick on a player if they know exactly what they could get from another player. I believe Wendell Carter Jr is the safest pick in this year’s draft. He played on a Duke team that was led by star Marvin Bagley III who will be drafted before Carter. And even with Bagley being on the team, Carter was able to be very consistent and reliable. He’s a 6’10 forward who will be an incredible NBA defender because of his size and hustle. He can defend the paint and the perimeter tremendously. In the NBA, I imagine he could average more than his 13.5 ppg and be a future NBA All Star.

Who’s the biggest Boom or Bust?

This is also something that many people agree on. Trae Young is without a doubt the boom or bust of the 2018 NBA Draft. His comparisons stretch from Steph Curry to Jimmer Fredette. Steph boomed and Fredette busted. Young is a ballsy player who isn’t afraid to shoot the rock. His willingness to shoot could be his greatest asset or be his demise. However, he is also a tremendous passer and could be incredibly dangerous because of that. If his shooting causes him to be double teamed, he can easily dish it out to the open man and cause the opposing to defense migraines. I feel that Trae Young will be a good player in this league that needs a few years to become the great player he can be. His confidence should carry him far in the NBA.

Who’s the best player in picks 20-30?

Picks 20-30 in the first round, have the potential to make noise in the NBA as well. Last season Kyle Kuzma went 27th and still was able to be All Rookie First Team. My choice for best player in that range is Donte DiVincenzo. He erupted in the NCAA Championship game for Villanova and singlehandedly got them the win. He is a deadly shooter and is super athletic. With some coaching, DiVincenzo can be an elite defender as well. If he falls to Boston or Golden State, he’ll be set up to have great coaching and players around him that will lead to success for him. He would come off the bench for both of those teams and have the opportunity to be effective on their championship runs.

2018 NBA Draft Wrap-up

It’s gonna be an exciting night on Thursday for many NBA teams and fans around the country. We should all expect that a big trade or two will happen on draft night. The Cavs will either have made moves to try and keep Lebron in Cleveland, or draft the next guy expected to lead their team. The Clippers having back to back picks in the Lottery gives them insane flexibility to make trades or solidify a future young core. One way or another, the NBA Draft will be an exciting night for everyone.

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