The Warriors Run May Finally Be Coming to an End This Summer

Ohhhhhhh baby, it’s been a minute since we’ve gotten a piping hot scoop from the one and only Adrian Wojnarowski.

What the Golden State Warriors have done since the 2014-15 season has been nothing short of spectacular. It’s more than likely that they’ll go to their fifth straight (!!!!) NBA Finals this season, if everything goes as it should. They’ve won four titles in that time span and have eclipsed both the best regular season and post-season records in NBA history. And at one point this season, their starting lineup contained FIVE All-Stars. They’re a dynasty, no doubt about it. Maybe even the best in league history, who knows. But I say all of that, to say this; I’ve had just about enough of these guys.

It’s time for the NBA to get back to having some sort of even playing field, or court, if you will. We haven’t seen parity in this league in quite some time. I think we’re going to get it if the Warriors disband this Summer. The possibility of Kevin Durant leaving is VERY real based on multiple reports from earlier this season. Personally, I believe that his mind is already made up. He’s gone. Where he’ll wind up is another question, but I don’t think it’ll be in Golden State.

If KD does opt to sign elsewhere this Summer, the door suddenly opens for the Warriors to offer Klay Thompson a max contract, who also just so happens to be a FA in July. But will they do it? And should Klay even bother sticking around?

I’ve made it pretty well known on CouchGuySports dot com that if you have a prime opportunity to finesse the bag, you do it. No questions asked. Besides money and his name in the record books, what else is there for Klay to play for at this point? He’s probably going to get his fourth ring in a few weeks and will finish his career as one of the best shooters we’ve ever seen. So while I don’t think he should necessarily go sign with a bad team, I do think that he doesn’t need to make winning his number one priority.

A young and upcoming team like the Clippers would be a perfect fit for Klay, which is why it makes so much sense that Woj linked him there rather than the Lakers. They have two max slots available and a ton of young talent to surround whoever they end up signing. LAC is in a better position than most teams in the league right now. It feels like a no brainer.

So if you take KD and Klay out of the picture in GS, winning a title suddenly becomes much more realistic for the other 29 teams in the NBA. We’ll remember their reign on this league for the rest of their lives, but I think I speak for basketball fans everywhere when I say we’re ready for it to end.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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