The Waiver Wire Trade The Red Sox Should Make

The non-wavier trade deadline has come and past with the Red Sox only making a few small moves, both of which have paid off well so far, adding Addison Reed and Eduardo Nunez. I think the addison of Reed along with both Carson Smith and Joe Kelly returning to the bullpen gives us the depth that we missed the first half of the year. Both Reed and Smith have the ability to close down some games whenever Kimbrel is unavailable. Hopefully this plays out the way it has the potential to but then again its the Red Sox how often does that happen.

The move I would love to see the Sox make is a familiar face to the Fenway crowd and one that played a huge role in our success in 2013. Good old Mike Napoli, yes that Mike Napoli. Napoli is batting .202 with 22 home runs and 48 RBI’s. Ya I know that average is garbage and curious on why the hell I would want him on this team. It is simple Napoli can still drive the ball out of the ball park, something our lineup is definitely lacking, but more importantly this team has no balls.

Minus Chris Sale the attitude and lack of leadership on this team is a huge black spot. Napoli provides a huge leadership role in the club house and that is something we drastically need. Pedroia said that he is the leader which may be true but the problem with that is that he is more of a lead by example with his play rather than a leader in the clubhouse, yes there is a difference, neither of them are bad but you need to have both on every great team. We were lucky with Ortiz because he was a rare form of both leading with his play as well as the club house.

Napoli has played here before and has proven he does not crack under the pressure that is the Boston fan base. I don’t think it would take a lot to bring in Napoli, probably a similar if not less of a package to get Nunez. Nap also has a club option next year so if things go well they have the option to bring him back or buy him out for only 2 million. We have the division lead again but this time we need to hang on to it. Napoli can help it would definitely be smart to at least look into what it would take to get him back to Boston.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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