Doc Rivers has Lost his Role in the Clippers Front Office

Today it was announced that Doc Rivers lost his job in the front office for the Clippers and will just stick to coaching. I find this HILARIOUS. When Doc saw that the Celtics were about to go through a rebuild, he couldn’t have asked to be traded out of Boston any quicker than he did. Now, look at where the Celtics are vs. where his Clippers are. LA hasn’t even made it out of the second round since he’s been there, yet he felt like he’d have a better of winning? Obviously, at the time, the situation in LA vs. what was going on here looked way more attractive, but he shouldn’t have just turned his back on Boston. I love Brad Stevens so I’d rather have him anyways, but Doc is stupid and I’m glad it’s kind of blowing up in his face.

He really hasn’t made a single good move as GM since going to LA. If you want to look at the list of moves he made during his time as Head of Basketball Operations, click here. The only good deal is the haul that they got for Chris Paul, who was about to skip town anyway. But something tells me he wasn’t behind that move at all because Jerry West is there as a board member now. There’s no way the man who couldn’t even trade his son could pull off a deal like that. Anyways, now that Rivers is out as GM, maybe the Clippers will actually have one of the more competent front offices in the NBA.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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