The Universal DH is Coming, and is Probably Here to Stay

With this crazy weird year, changes have been forced upon all of us. And this is one change where some may love it and some may hate it.

Talks of how to play any resemblance of a season have been circulating. Rumors have been swirling. I have extensively covered those, but one of the main ideas that has stood out to me is that the league, should it resume this year, will be using a universal DH.

The universal DH is something that has split fans apart for years. On one side, the baseball purists argue that the game is unique and different because the leagues have different rules. There is an argument to be made in keeping baseball the way it is. After all, the game has succeeded for hundreds of years to this point. Why change it now? The identities of the American league and National league are uniquely there own. With different strategies being employed by different teams. Something that is also “very baseball”.

On The Other Hand…

On the other side of the coin however, you have people saying “why even let pitchers hit?” And “its about time.” These people think that there is merit in allowing that extra hitting spot to exist. Namely roster management and injuries concerns. Allowing the extra spot allows for a field player to have a night off and only hit, and allows pitchers to, well, pitch.

You don’t care, but I am one of the purists. I believe we should leave the game alone. I hated the intentional walk sign, and I will hate this too. If for the simple fact that we shouldn’t be trying to remove features at add strategy and tactics to our games. I don’t care about length and “dingers’ I care about baseball and I view it as perfect right now. But what scares me is if this is to occur this year, will it be here to stay?

My guess is, most likely. The MLB has been working on a variety of pet projects, using the minors as their laboratory. With this “weird” season, this is the time to test all these ideas out. Cameras on umps? Robot umps? Universal DH? Who knows whats coming. But the fact of the matter is, the universal DH does benefit teams (at the expense of losing tactics and a unique part of our game). So I see it staying around long term.

– Dave Little (@DLITTLEMLB)

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