The Trailer For the Red Sox World Series DVD Dropped And I’m All Sorts of Jazzed Up

The Red Sox World Series Documentary trailer dropped on our faces and, holy hell, are we in for some movie magic.

Look, I need you to put away all other actors and actresses for the time being. I don’t need Ryan Reynolds. I don’t need Jennifer Lawrence. All I need in my life is a movie that features Chris Sale dropping Manny Machado to his God damn KNEES and Steve Pearce hitting absolute missiles in Los Angeles.



It’s been just over a month since the Sox took home their fourth World Series in the 21st century. You know, World Series wins that I can remember and ones that I lived through to enjoy. I’m not talking about 25 other World Series that I never really saw or were alive for or the multitude of others that were won before the JFK assasination. I’m not taking shots at any specific fanbase, but I’m just saying. I had the oppurtunity to watch and enjoy these.

But anyway, the Red Sox took home yet another World Series back on October 28th. Just one month and a day ago and I think about it every day.

Listen, being a baseball fan is one of the toughest things in sports fandom and it isn’t close. Eh, your team loses a football game and guess what? You have a week to get over it and get back into it. And if they keep losing, there’s only 16 games so whatever. If you’re a diehard baseball fan and your team STINKS, you have to endure that for 162 other days.

This team winning this World Series was written in the stars and you can’t change my mind. It all came together so perfectly and I was genuinley happy for the guys on the roster. This isn’t a team filled with a bunch of scumbags who I had to watch. Like, I don’t know, if Manny Machado had won it with the Dodgers, how could ANYONE be happy about that? Answer, you can’t.

It’s tough when you see this for the first time at work because construction costs to fix the wall it causes you to run through is probably astronomical. It’s something that you don’t want to pay but if your company has a heart somewhere in the building, they should probably get why you did it.

These World Series DVDs are incredible because once the juice semi wears off come mid-December, it comes right back with this dramatic documentary. When I was in elementary school and middle school, whenever I would stay home “sick”-shoutout non-existent soar throats- I would pop that ’04 DVD in, get under my blanket with my Homer Simpson slippers on and take it all in for the 92nd time. It was the best way to get high before I knew how to even get high.

If someone watches this with me, there’s zero chance you’re allowed to talk once it starts. Get this into my veins yesterday.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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