The Tom Brady Mystery Is Finally Solved…Sort Of

So the Super Bowl happened last night without the Patriots happening. I know, I’m just as shocked writing that sentence as you all were reading it out loud. The Kansas City Chiefs took home the 2019-2020 Super Bowl by defeating the San Francisco 49ers 31-20. Patrick Mahomes got the MVP award and Andy Reid received his first Lombardi trophy as a head coach in the NFL. BUT, nobody from New England really cares about any of that! What we cared about was Tom Brady’s mysterious week of social media postings. He had this one to kick it off:

He also posted the same picture on Instagram with the whole Patriots fanbase freaking out about it. We wanted answers and we got a few of them last night with this commercial.

So what does this mean going forward exactly?

Brady’s Partnering With Hulu

Brady and Hulu now have a partnership. It seemed like a great opportunity to add on another sponsor. The quarterback gets to troll everyone while making money. It’s a perfect fit for both sides. Plus, the Hulu all over the stadium in the commercial was a nice added touch too.

He’s Not Retiring

This is almost like a “no duh!” sort of statement. We knew that Brady was going to be somebody that sticks around for a few more seasons. There was no chance that Brady was going to end his career on a pick-six in New England in a playoff game. “I’m not going anywhere” was a perfect indication of things to come for the next few seasons.

He’s Playing…Somewhere…Next Season

This is still the million dollar question. Where will Tom Brady be playing in 2020? Will he stay in New England? Could a team like the Chargers or Raiders swoop in to acquire his services? We still don’t really know where he has a preference to play next year. It would have been nice to be like, “New England, I’m coming home!”, but that’s too easy. Brady is a complex individual as we’ve seen. So unfortunately for us Patriots fans, the Brady free agency journey is only beginning. But, the good news is that the Patriots are willing to fork over the money to Brady to keep him a Patriot forever.

At least the Patriots are making the effort!

In Conclusion

Tom Brady is back next year. We know that much. Where will he play next season? That’s going to be the question on a lot of people’s minds throughout the off-season. Buckle up and strap into your seats everyone. This off-season is going to be quite the bumpy ride.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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