Super Bowl LIV Recap

After 50 years, the Lombardi Trophy is headed back to Kansas City. For the third time in this postseason, the Chiefs found themselves trailing their opponent and Patrick Mahomes saved the day. If there was any doubt about Pat Mahomes going into this game, they’re pretty much all erased. As well as his team played, when it mattered the most, Mahomes was the one that got them to the win. In the first half of this game, it was all 49ers. They had found a balance between the running game and the passing game and the Chiefs were having a hard time dealing with either. They did not do anything too fancy, they just stuck with what they were good at and it worked. That was, until the last drive before halftime.

When the Chiefs punted with a little over two minutes left in the half, everyone expected Kyle Shanahan to take one of his three timeouts. The announcers thought so, people sitting at home thought so and even their GM was jumping up and down calling for one from a box. That was the moment when things started to go wrong for San Francisco.

Sure they still scored another ten points in the third quarter but they just did not get back to how good they looked before that. Suddenly, despite being intercepted twice, Patrick Mahomes was back to his usual self. He did not get overwhelmed faced with a ten-point deficit in the fourth quarter, he got on the field and made amazing plays. The best one, in particular, was a 3rd and 15 to Tyreek Hill.

In the end, it was a combination of Mahomes’ calm, cool and collected attitude facing a deficit and Kyle Shanahan once again chocking in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl that gave the Chiefs the win. I think that this game has cemented Patrick Mahomes spot as one of the best QBs in the league. With the greats of the last few decades beginning to filter out, he represents the next generation.

All in all, this was a far better Super Bowl than the year before. The game was more entertaining, the Halftime Show was one of the best ones in years and the commercials were good. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come with the NFL and a rise in their entertainment value.

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~Mary Evers (@For_Evers_Yong)

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