The Time To Fire Farrell Has Long Been Here

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve called for a championship winning Coach’s head on this blog and since I come from both an irrationally passionate sports family and and a generation of spoiled sports fan it probably won’t be the last.  Speaking of the Bruin’s and their former coach Claude Julien an interesting comparison can be made.  Both teams were reluctant to part with a coach who has won ‘the big one’ and in both cases an heir apparent was named, Bruce Cassidy for the Bruins and Torey Lovullo for the Sox.  The key difference between the two teams has been that when push came to shove the B’s handed their coach a pink slip and the Sox, namely Dave Dombrowski pussied out.

The Sox lineup has underperformed and Lovullo has lead the Diamondbacks to a first place record of 30-19 already nearly half as many wins as the formerly 4th place D-Backs had last year.  The Sox currently sit in an infuriating third place and four games above five hundred and half been rife with inconsistencies.  Their Offense has no power causing them to bring up Sam Travis from the minors possibly to the detriment of the young players development.  Pitching has also sucked with Sale being the only contributor.  Not all of this can be blamed on Farrell, Price and Wright have been injured most of the year but Farrell is not off the hook for the the odd decision to demote Hector Velazquez after one bad outing despite the kid having a sub 2 era in triple A, and the poor performances of Pomeranz whom he has seemed to developed a feud with which is likely a symptom of how the rest of the team feels.

Farrell has always had the knock of being a poor game manager but there are deeper flaws to this team and his managing than just in game fuck ups.  I think many Sox players expected the Sox to make the move to Lovullo and when that didn’t happen the team was left divided from their coach.  Hopefully what ails the Sox can be fixed by a winning streak and a return to first place, but the longer it takes for a run like that to happen the sharper the Boston Media and Red Sox nation will have the Axe ready for Farrell.

Written By: Jason MacKinnon (@oohkillemJason)

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