The Red Sox look To Stay Hot Heading Into The Summer

Just when I thought the Red Sox were sinking, they sweep a decent Rangers team. With a record of 25-21, the Sox are now third in the AL East. The AL East will be tough through out the entire season. The Yankees seem to have something going with their young team, and the Orioles have a decent combination of hitting and pitching. I do think that the Sox will make it into the playoffs, but they will make it in as a wild card. They do not have a deep pitching rotation, and if one more starter gets hurt….Well the rotation will not look so good. Hopefully Price will come back healthy when he goes for first start on Memorial Day.  But after he gave up 4 runs in his first inning yesterday in AAA, I do not see doing to well.

Obviously the Red Sox need some power in the middle of their lineup. It is just pathetic to watch this Sox lineup sometimes because they can not drive in runs. Bogarts just hit his first homerun of the season LAST NIGHT. Maybe that will ignite hime and he will stay hot. I do believe the hitting will pick up and the Sox will go on a decent run. Also I hate it when people say that the whole that Big Papi left if to big to fill in. You knew that he was retiring after last season. The Red Sox front office should have went out and acquired a guy that is capable of hitting 30 plus homeruns and driving in 100 RIB’s.

The pitching has not been awful this season. Their pitching may be getting a bad rep because the teams record is not that great, but their ERA is 3.96. That is the ninth best ERA in all of baseball, so that is not to shabby. E-Rod has been lights out over his past three starts which is a huge boost of confidence for him. Hopefully he can stay hot as he goes for his fourth win of the season tonight against the Mariners. I have nothing to complain about how Drew Pomeranz has been pitching. Since we acquired him I knew he would be a .500 pitcher and thats all I have been asking from him. If he can get 12 plus wins this season, then thats a win for the Red Sox. Porcello on the other hand has just been awful this season and I do not see a lot of people talking about it. The dude was the Cy Young winner last season and he should not be performing like he is now.

It is not time to panic about the Sox because they are not doing as well as everyone thought they would. the MLB season is long and the Sox have plenty of time to go on a few runs.

Written By: Connor Stayer (@Big_C19)

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