The Texans May Be Trying To Poach A Key Patriots Piece

Bill O’Brien wants to make the Texans be just like the Patriots sooooo badly. I mean, who could blame him. Doesn’t everyone want to mimic New England’s success?

Well, O’Brien has a certain way of doing it. For years he’s been adding former players to his staff. Now he may be helping to guide the Texans front office in its search for a new GM.
Their targeted man? Nick Caserio, director of player personnel.



Houston went after him once before and the Patriots didn’t allow the interview to go down. Clearly, the Patriots know the importance of Nick. So what’s so special about him?

Caserio arrived with the team in 2001, so he’s been an important piece in the dynasty since the beginning. Whenever the Patriots bring in some bum off the streets and turn him into an all-pro player, Caserio usually has a hand in identifying the player.

This is one piece New England can’t let get away.

-Dillon Leary

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