David Ortiz Was Shot Last Night In The Dominican Republic

While the Bruins were taking care of business in St. Louis last night, there was another Boston figure receiving a lot of attention last night. Unfortunately, it is by no means a way we want to hear this guy’s name in the news. Red Sox historic slugging designated hitter David Ortiz was shot last night in his home country of the Dominican Republic.

The Details

Initially, this was thought of as a robbery attempt on Ortiz. But as the details started to surface in, it was very clear that this wasn’t a robbery in the slightest. Ortiz was rushed to the emergency room and was immediately taken into surgery. As the Passan tweet above states, he suffered liver damage and had to have parts of his gall bladder and colon removed after being shot in the lower back and having the bullet go through his abdomen. The shooter is now in custody and Ortiz will be transported to Boston once he is stable enough to do so.

Reactions Around The World

Reactions everywhere are the same: everybody is pulling for Ortiz to get through this difficult time. People loved Ortiz during his playing career and continue to love him to this day. He brought some much excitement, laughter, and genuine good vibes to the game of baseball. The tweets came piling in last night on behalf of Ortiz. Here are just a few of them:

Believe me, there are many more where these came from. The point is that Ortiz is loved by most in the world today. This whole experience is shocking, to put it delicately.

My Reaction

I was beside myself last night. I was watching the Bruins game in bed and when I saw the first reports come out, I had to do a double take. David Ortiz was one of my favorite hitters to watch growing up. To see that somebody would go out of their way to shoot and physically harm Ortiz made me nauseous. But remember this, Ortiz was there for Boston when the city needed him the most. Now, we have to do the same thing and send all good vibes and prayers to him and his family!

In Conclusion

David Ortiz WILL pull through this. It just wouldn’t seem right to see Papi go so soon after he retired from the game of baseball. He has done so much for the city of Boston and it would stink to see him leave so soon. There are reports that say Ortiz is stable and expected to make a full recovery. So, that is definitely a positive note for all of us to be relieved about. While Ortiz recovers from this, let’s take some time to look back at the positives of Big Papi in a Red Sox uniform.

Get well soon, Papi! We’ll be thinking about you and hoping for the quickest of recoveries.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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