The Summer of Seltzer: Truly Hard Seltzer

The summer is quickly coming to a close. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t knock back a few cocktails and enjoy whatever summer we have left. This was a quirky summer. The whole COVID pandemic really through a wrench into things for how we go out. But I’m pretty sure that hasn’t stopped everyone from enjoying a cold one or two.

There’s something about the sound a fan makes when you open it and the excitement of that first sip. Whether you’re about to crush Bud Heavy’s at a cookout or you’re going to kick back a few seltzer’s on the deck. That sound the can makes means it’s game on and you’re about to drink.

About a month ago, I released the first blog here on Couch Guy Sports called the Summer of Seltzer where I looked at the Corona Hard Seltzer. Now it’s time to take a look at another seltzer. One that has been a huge topic of conversation in the CGS community. I am talking about our friends over at Truly Hard Seltzer. They’ve helped the fella’s with the Small State Big Takes podcast get through many moments this summer.

Truly Seltzer

Truly is the original OG of seltzers and their Lemonade variety pack is delicious. Last October, Truly revamped their entire selection to ensure each savory sip was crisp and even more refreshing than we were once accustomed to. The spiked Truly Lemonade is fantastic and is only 100 calories and has 1g of sugar. What I like about Truly is they’re simple and an easy-drink. I can take to a party, have six or more and not feel all bloated as if I ripped beers at a party. Truly is the official hard seltzer of the National Hockey League and we want them to be the official seltzer of Couch Guy Sports!

A Timeline

A few weeks back, Truly tweeted on which podcast they should sponsor. Everyone who saw that post began to respond to Truly like a bunch of thirsty simps trying to get the attention of the seltzer maker. Too be honest, the fellas at CGS did the same but now it’s time to take it up a notch and truly get Truly’s attention. It’s no secret Truly is getting into sports. As I mentioned above they’re already doing a sponsorship with the NHL and most recently the newest franchise the Seattle Kraken. Side note, I LOVE this team’s new logo and sweaters. The NHL joining forces with Truly is an absolute no-brainer. Truly is at the height of the Seltzer game and between the age demographic who drinks it and the fact it’s acceptable to have them year around was appealing to the NHL.

Which means if Truly is getting into the sports world, that means they’ll follow suit with sports and pop culture podcasts very soon. It only makes sense that you’d sponsor a sports or pop culture podcast with the demographics of the people they target to buy their cans.

Truly and CGS

So let me put it to all the seltzer drinkers out there and the people over at Truly. Remember earlier when I talked about that sound of the can opening? Everyone who’s reading just had that sound flash through their heads, let’s get that sound of the can here with Couch Guy Sports. There’s over 20 bloggers on the site. More and more podcasts by the month coming to the platform. Our guys at Small State Big Takes are on the verge of going to weekly classes just to get your attention. This is a partnership that needs to happen. The people want it, the people need it!

Truly said it best, sometimes cocktails can be too boozy, wine is too bottled and beer is too bloaty. Who wants any of that?

Final Thoughts

This summer hasn’t been the greatest, let’s be honest. We can’t sit at the bar. The rules are starting to get tighter again with COVID cases rising all over the country. So the only thing we have is the last few weeks of summer. Let’s get Truly to help us through it!

Even though the summer is coming to a close and whether your at the beach to the bar, at home listening to your favorite CGS podcast to the deck reading all our great content, one thing is remains the same, “it’s time to drink what you truly want.”

– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique)

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