The Summer of Seltzer: Corona Hard Seltzer

We just celebrated the July Fourth Weekend. Depending on where you are in the country, things are beginning to open back up. You’re going to host a 4th bash to remember. Or at the very least, you can enjoy a cocktail or two at your favorite watering hole. We can all admit that if you were consistently going to bars with friends, the last few months have been an adjustment.

If you’ve been following along with CGS and the podcasts on the platform, you’re aware of the trivia and trash talk that’s been going down the last few weeks. Last night before the big match up, the fellas with Small State Big Takes podcast tweeted a hype video. What would happen next was an absolutely travesty when they tweeted a cocktail with of all things, a White Claw. I mean, “there ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws, baby.” I will never say that again… ever. Seltzers are cool, in fact I fully support them and drink them on the regular, White Claw is a no-no. 

While at home on quarantine I have discovered the majesty of hard seltzer. Now, I have to say at first I was skeptical on the quality of seltzer’s. In the past, I’ve tried them some have tasted like flavored liquid cardboard. After watching the tweet from SSBT, I felt compelled to blog about proper Seltzer etiquette. 

A few weeks ago, I had a Corona Hard Seltzer Spiked Sparkling Water. I was skeptical because I have never been someone to drink a seltzer. So I tried the Tropical Lime and it was good. But I wasn’t left with “I need to have another one”. If you’re trying to watch your figure now that we’re emerging from quarantine, Corona Hard Seltzer’s are only 90 calories and they have zero carbs. 

If you want to turn this seltzer up a notch and get a good buzz going at a summer party now that we aren’t in quarantine, add some vodka. Full disclosure, I just started to mess around with vodka, typically I haven’t been a big vodka fan. If you want a refreshing cocktail while on the water chilling with people, it’s ok to have a seltzer with the fellas. Just add some Tito’s vodka. Grab a glass, add some ice, and fill it with some Tito’s vodka. Add the Tropical Lime Corona Hard Seltzer and then add a splash of grapefruit juice and legit you will not be disappointed. 

If you’re headed out to the packy and looking for a different drink while out in the summer sun, I would recommend the Corona Hard Seltzer’s. You’ll be able to find them in a variety pack. The flavors feature the already mentioned Tropical Lime, Mango, Cherry and Blackberry Lime. The Blackberry Lime is my favorite of the four. It pairs very well with vodka and also on its’ own. 

As Corona family, not the virus but the beer maker takes a leap into the seltzer world it will be interesting to see the direction the consumer goes as they make their decision on which seltzer will rule the summer of 2020. The summer of 2020 has officially be named The Summer of Seltzer and I for one will be knocking a few back while throwing the corn hole bag in the back yard. 

So SSBT, lose the White Claw and venture into a new world of Seltzer. As for the rest of you reading this, I’ll review two other hard seltzer’s to take us through this summer. 

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-Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique)

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