Early Predictions for the 2020 Red Sox Season

The Red Sox 2020 schedule was released yesterday. You know me, I love to make a good prediction every now and again. So with the Red Sox schedule release, it only feels appropriate to predict how they’ll do this year, right? Here’s the schedule below.

Let’s have some fun!

July 24th-26th vs. Baltimore Orioles

The Red Sox open up their 2020 campaign with the Baltimore Orioles. We know the Orioles have been struggling for quite a while now. Plain and simple, the Red Sox offense is too good for this Orioles pitching staff to handle.

Series Prediction: Red Sox win 2 out of 3 (2-1)

July 27th-28th vs. New York Mets

The Red Sox finish out their homestand against the New York Mets. In this one, it depends on who the Red Sox get on the Mets side. I personally don’t see Jacob deGrom going against the Red Sox in this series. But, Marcus Stroman could potentially see a start against the Red Sox. If so, the Red Sox could be in some trouble. Otherwise, the Mets are extremely beatable.

Series Prediction: Red Sox split (3-2)

July 29th-30th @ New York Mets

The Red Sox conclude their home and home in New York against the Mets. deGrom could very easily be pitching in this series. If that’s the case, chalk up a loss. That means the Red Sox HAVE to win the other game of this home and home. Honestly, I think they do it.

Series Prediction: Red Sox split (4-3)

July 31st-August 2nd @ New York Yankees

This is the first hard series of the season. You have to go to the Bronx and play the Yankees. Remember, the Yankees signed a pitcher named Gerrit Cole in the off-season. The Yankees are a clear favorite to win the World Series this season, behind the Dodgers. This first series will go to the Yankees. Their lineup mashes and you can’t beat that bullpen if you’re trailing by more than a run.

Series Prediction: Red Sox lose 2 out of 3 (5-5)

August 4th-5th @ Tampa Bay Rays

This August two game series with the Rays feels a lot like the Mets series. I think it all depends on if we see Blake Snell or not. The Rays have built a solid pitching staff from top to bottom. If they don’t see Snell, I like the Red Sox chances here.

Series Prediction: Red Sox split (6-6)

August 7th-9th vs. Toronto Blue Jays

This is the first time we get a glimpse of the Blue Jays. Don’t forget, they signed Hyun-jin Ryu from the Dodgers. The Blue Jays are the team of the future. They will be a contender within due time. However, 2020 is not that year and I think the Red Sox take care of business in this series.

Series Prediction: Red Sox sweep (9-6)

August 10th-13th vs. Tampa Bay Rays

This is going to be a BIG series for the Red Sox before heading back to the Bronx for four. Getting the Rays at Fenway could be a big momentum swing for the Red Sox. If they split against the Rays, that sets them up really well after the Yankees series. I think we all agree that this Red Sox offense can carry them for two of the four games.

Series Prediction: Red Sox split (11-8)

August 14th-17th @ New York Yankees

The Red Sox have a nice, little four game series in the Bronx against the Yankees. This series will be hard to even split, let alone win. Let me make one thing clear, the Red Sox CANNOT get swept in this series. Win one game and then you’re set up for a nice little run.

Series Prediction: Red Sox lose 3 out of 4 (12-11)

August 18th-19th vs. Philadelphia Phillies

This is where the Red Sox can start racking up some wins. Remember, the Red Sox have done well the past few seasons against the National League. Will the Phillies take a jump in 2020 that they were supposed to in 2019? Or, will they slide even farther back, even with Joe Girardi now at the helm? My gut feeling tells me it’s the first scenario.

Series Prediction: Red Sox sweep (14-11)

August 20th-23rd @ Baltimore Orioles

The Red Sox then travel to Baltimore for a four game series with the Orioles. The Orioles might get lucky and win one game. Otherwise, this should be a series where the Red Sox take care of business.

Series Prediction: Red Sox win 3 out of 4 (17-12)

August 25th-27th @ Toronto Blue Jays

The Red Sox go north of the border for another series with the Blue Jays. This Red Sox team has two tough series in a row against N.L. East opponents after this one. In another important divisional series, the Red Sox take care of business against a young and upcoming Blue Jays team.

Series Prediction: Red Sox win 2 out of 3 (19-13)

August 28th-30th vs. Washington Nationals

This series against the Nationals scares me. If you get a series with Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Patrick Corbin; good luck. Going up against the defending World Series champions will be tough. This is one series that’ll make Red Sox fans scratch their heads in frustration.

Series Prediction: Red Sox lose 2 out of 3 (20-15)

August 31st-September 2nd vs. Atlanta Braves

Another series, another N.L. East opponent. This time, it’s the Atlanta Braves. This Braves team is young, hungry, and ready to make a serious run at the N.L. pennant. The only question mark is the pitching staff with the Braves. Other than that, it’ll be tough. But something tells me this is one series the Red Sox take that we don’t expect.

Series Prediction: Red Sox win 2 out of 3 (22-16)

September 3rd-6th vs. Toronto Blue Jays

The first full September series comes to Fenway against the Toronto Blue Jays. This is another series where things won’t go quite as planned. Honestly, I think the Blue Jays come in and win a few at Fenway. Having that type of young talent can’t be held down for too long.

Series Prediction: Red Sox split (24-18)

September 8th-9th @ Philadelphia Phillies

The final short series of the season lands in Philly for a two game series with the Phillies. This time, the Phillies get one on the Red Sox. But, they won’t be sweeping as the Red Sox will settle the score with an unlikely pitching performance from a starter and winning a close game to earn a hard-fought split.

Series Prediction: Red Sox split (25-19)

September 10th-13th @ Tampa Bay Rays

This is the final four game series of the season, featuring the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays could be fighting for a playoff spot, similar to the Red Sox. It’s tough to not go with the Rays in this series. But, you just never know when playing at the Trop.

Series Prediction: Red Sox split (27-21)

September 14th-16th @ Miami Marlins

This series shouldn’t be close. Besides the Orioles, the Marlins are probably the next worst team in the MLB. Take care of business, don’t mess around, and get closer to a playoff spot.

Series Prediction: Red Sox sweep (30-21)

September 18th-20th vs. New York Yankees

The final Yankees series FINALLY comes to Fenway Park. This is the one team the Red Sox will struggle to beat in a series this season. The Yankees are the Yankees and they’ll be pushing for home field advantage throughout the playoffs at this point.

Series Prediction: Red Sox lose 2 out of 3 (31-23)

September 22nd-24th vs. Baltimore Orioles

It’d only be right for the final Fenway series to get a sweep. The Orioles are not going to benefit from a shortened season at all. This Red Sox team will need to be hungry to get back to the playoffs. In this series, a sweep is not only wanted, it’s NEEDED.

Series Prediction: Red Sox sweep (34-23)

September 25th-27th @ Atlanta Braves

The final series of the year won’t be a pretty one. This Braves team is scary good. I don’t care what their pitching situation is currently. This team will be hungry to get the playoff started and get rid of the Red Sox.

Series Prediction: Red Sox lose 2 out of 3 (35-25)

In Conclusion

This Red Sox team could very realistically finish over .500. 35-25 is my final record prediction and honestly, it’s not that crazy or outlandish. What’s your Red Sox season record prediction? Let me know and let’s debate!

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