The Stranger Things 3 Trailer Dropped And It Looks Incredible

We’ve waited over a year for the third season of Stranger Things to drop and we finally have a trailer.

What. A. TRIP.

I honestly didn’t even really have expectations for this season until now. I always liked the idea of the new seasons coming out in early fall because it gave you that Halloween feel. The show’s creepy and weird and the fall feeling I thought was perfect. So knowing that this season was going to drop in July made me a little nervous.

With a show like this, you need to hit expectations. The first season was surprisingly wicked good and it took off. It was instant, “Yo, bro, you catch that new show Stranger Things? It’s sick”. If you’re sitting in a frat house and it comes up, that’s how the conversation would have gone.

For real though, the first season was awesome. It had everything. The actors who played each character were perfect and you grew an attachment to them which, if the viewers can’t grow relationships with the characters, your show’s screwed.

The storyline was awesome, it was intense. It had everything.

Then you go over to season two which, I mean, come on. You couldn’t expect it to be as good as season one and it just wasn’t. I liked it, don’t get me wrong. But there were times where I got bored which NEVER happened in season one. But regardless, it was still a great season.

The trailer for season three has me all sorts of jacked up for July 4th now. You think I’m going to be going to PARTIES the day that Stranger Things season three comes out? Are you nuts?

There are so many phenomenal storylines and character relationships that I need to see develop. Like Jonathan and Nancy for example. How is that relationship going to work? The weirdo and the high school sweetheart? Buddy, what a couple they are. And how about Will and Eleven?

And I mean, the world fell in love with Steve Harrington. At this point, I don’t really know how he’ll fit in with the main core of the story and he’ll probably become more of a side character who’s just pals with the boys. And he’ll for sure be there when the kids need to go to battle too. But whatever the case may be, the world needs more Steve.

I have a STRONG feeling about this upcoming season. I love the throwback summer vibe that it gave off with the summer carnival and the music.

And I’m going to say it now… I have a feeling that Billy Hargrove–who along with Max was an awesome addition–is going to have a major role this season. How? I’m not sure. But I just have a feeling he’s going to be worked in big time.

-NickQuaglia (@NickQuag)

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