The Seahawks are Really Blowing Things Up

Since the Malcolm Butler interception in Super Bowl 49, the Seattle Seahawks just haven’t been the same team.

With early playoff exits and lackluster regular season performances being the only things we’ve seen follow the goal-line miracle, you have to assume that they are still scarred from that play.

We’ve heard rumblings of a possible rebuild within the organization, starting on defense. Today, we got our first real glimpse of what is going to be coming down the pipes in the North-West, and sooner than we all thought:

Michael Bennett has officially been traded, and it appears that Richard Sherman isn’t too far behind him. Two of the core players on your defense are now gone. And with that being the only thing that’s kept this team afloat since 2013, you have to think it isn’t going to stop there. Earl Thomas could be traded and Jimmy Graham is probably leaving via free agency. Two more of your core players, gone. Not to mention the possibility of Kam Chancellor and Cliff Avril possibly being out all of next season continues to loom. This team is headed towards a MAJOR rebuild.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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