Rafael Devers is Going To Win Me A lot of Money

What’s up, guys? I’ve been done gambling since September ’17. Some people say I stopped because I simply loved it too much. Some say I stopped because Bovada “suspended” my account. The truth is nobody knows for sure. One thing is certain though, I miss clicking that Place Bet button more than I can describe to you. 

I mean can anything get your blood pumping like putting a thousand dollars on the Red Sox? Or get your skin crawling like losing a second half over on a missed field goal? Or what about Blackjack? God damnit I like Blackjack. Have you ever split Aces against a dealer showing six and literally felt as powerful as Christ did when he died for our sins? 

——Anyway… Like I said, I no longer bet. BUT I’m here to tell you if I was to dust off my “special” debit card and start depositing money into the black hole that is sports gambling, I would HAMMER every full season prop bet on Rafael Devers.

I fucking love this kid. Devers was called up in late 2017 and played 58 games in the bigs. In 222 at bats he hit 10 homers and batted .284. Solid numbers for a kid coming up to a team competing for an AL East title. Although, his stats are a great foundation to build on, I think the real story here is in the flashes of talent Devers showed. Flashes of talent that I think could make him the next Babe. Motherfucking. Ruth. 

Here’s Devers turning around a 103 mph fastball from Aroldis Chapman.

Or take a look at the young boy dinging two in one game. (One miss hit to left field and still finding the carry to get over the monster).

I am unsuccessfully scrambling right now to find full season props bets. I’m willing to fall off the wagon to put my life savings on the fact Devers will hit 30+ home runs or bat above .275 or hit more than a billion RBIs. (If anyone sees props please DM me).

Unfortunately,  the only bet I can find at the moment is that Devers  is +7500 to lead the majors in home runs. Is that a tough bet with people like Bryce Harper, or Giancarlo Stanton, or Manny Ramirez vying for the home run crown? In short, fuck no. Devers has it in the bag. Also, for people who stink at math +7500 means that if you bet 100 bucks right now and Devers hits the most home runs in the MLB by season’s end, you’ll win roughly 75 million dollars. Worth it? I’d say so. I might liquidate my dog for some quick cash.

Here’s Devers a few days ago in spring training picking up where he left off. What was the main character’s name in Titanic? Oh yeah. JACK.


P.S. Not to rain on my own blog but I think he might stink at 3rd base… whatever fielding is for nerds.

-Steak Jones 

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