The Running Back “Handcuffs” That You Should Have

“Handcuff” is a term in fantasy football that people use on a player that is on their team just in case their starting running back gets hurt. Sometimes “handcuff” is referring to the backup running back on the team, other times it is a running back that could breakout this season. No matter what it is for I have several names that you should be holding onto in fantasy football this season. With that being said here are some handcuffs at the running back position that you should have on your team.



Jamaal Williams (Detroit Lions) 

Jamaal Williams is a big handcuff that people should have this season. Williams was a solid backup running back for years for the Packers, but I think this is the time for him to make a name for himself. D’Andre Swift has a nagging groin injury that I think could be a problem for him all season long. Williams would become the featured back if that was the case, he would be a guy I would consider putting into my lineup week in and week out. With us not knowing about how bad Swift’s injury is, I would draft Williams in the later rounds to hold for a good rainy day.


AJ Dillon (Green Bay Packers)

AJ Dillon is a guy that will be a name that you will want on your team especially if you draft Aaron Jones. Jones has only played a full season once in his career, so there will be times where Dillon can fill in his void for you. Dillon is taken over the Jamaal Williams role and I really think he can flourish in this role. He has the potential to be a breakout candidate. The only thing holding him back is the lack of carries he might get. If I am drafting Aaron Jones, I am making sure that I have AJ Dillon on my team every time. AJ Dillon is a guy that you should have on your bench no matter the situation.


Nyheim Hines (Indianapolis Colts)

This is one of the bigger handcuffs that you need to have this year in my opinion. Nyheim Hines is a solid pass catching running back that can breakout at any moment. With Marlon Mack still coming back from injury, Hines is easily RB2 for the Colts. Taylor earned the RB1 role last season and Hines dominated in his role. I am having Nyheim Hines as a handcuff on my bench all season long and he deserves to be on someones team in every league.


Rhamondre Stevenson (New England Patriots)

Rhamondre Stevenson has really put a name out there for himself so far in the pre-season. He is going to be behind Damien Harris and James White on the depth chart, but I think he could easily breakout this year. Stevenson has shown potential of being a future number one running back on a team. He looks solid and can beat you in a variety of different ways. I think the Patriots backfield is definitely one that will be the most lockjammed from time to time during the year. I would say that Stevenson has some serious potential though and should be a “handcuff”.


Alexander Mattison (Minnesota Vikings)

This guy is a must have “handcuff” especially if you have Dalvin Cook this season. Mattison has shown flashes in the past of being a solid running back. This could be the year where we seem he take it to the next level. Now don’t get me wrong he won’t overtake Cook as the starting running back by any means. However, Mattison can easily take away some carries from Cook that will make him a potential viable fantasy option to watch for this year.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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