The Rafters Pod Ep. 68: Brads Off-Season Genius, Signing Breakdowns, No. 5 in The Rafters

The Rafters Podcast is back with episode 68! Going into this off-season, things were bleak for Boston with the salary cap. Running back the same team as last year was clearly a brutal possibility that would inevitably blow up in the face of all Celtics fans. Then, in comes Brad Stevens in his first season working the front office. Stevens was able to manipulate contracts, move “un-tradable” contracts, and work the salaries before the new NBA year flips over to completely re-vamp the team. The little things become very important. Evan Fournier signing with the New York Knicks for what appeared to be nothing until a sign and trade sending Evan and two second round picks for cash in return occurred. That gives the Celtics roughly $17 Million dollars extra on the books making future moves a strong possibility. With a new starting line going into the 2021-22 season, magic is happening from almost nothing. Brad deserves a ton of credit for the new look Boston Celtics. Justin and Liam break down the signings of new acquisitions and their core players they inked to new deals. They also go into depth on how Boston was able to do so much with so little. Hall of Fame Power Forward and former champion for the Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett will have his signature number 5 retired on March 13th of the upcoming season. The show closes out with a little stroll down memory lane, remembering the greatness that was KG. His career in Boston was the embodiment of the city he played in. Now, he will be immortal in the garden for generations to see. Join us this week for episode 68 of The Rafters Podcast where we once again remind you ” Anything is possible”.

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