The Rise of Derrick Brown

The 2020 Draft will be unique in more ways than one. This class is LOADED with offensive talent. However, with the uncontrollable factors that exist in the United States today, a lot of GM’s and coaches were forced to attack this Draft differently. The face to face interviews turned to virtual meetings. In person workouts were scratched and left decision makers with only game film and footage of this year’s combine. Due to this pandemic, the early slotted teams may be less likely to reach for their superstar QB or WR. They could take the dominant defensive lineman who can instantly make an impact at the next level. If you can wreck a game, you can wreck a game. When you possess game changing size and speed, a player of this caliber can make it very difficult for your opponent. Especially when it comes to controlling the line of scrimmage. Who might this player be? Consider Derrick Brown out of Auburn.

Last Year’s Super Bowl

Take a quick glimpse at the 2019 San Francisco 49ers who made the Super Bowl. They almost hung around to celebrate with the Lombardi Trophy, if it wasn’t for the Mahomes 4th quarter comeback. The 49ers made a Super Bowl run with a solid run game, a true game manager as their quarterback, and a stout defensive line that raised havoc every Sunday. This went on from Week 1 until the final minutes of their Super Bowl loss. Derrick Brown is an X factor that can make an average defensive line a great defensive line. Pressure in the middle and clogging the A gaps make it a true challenge to establish the run game any given Sunday. The 6’5, 320 pound interior defensive lineman out of Auburn is exactly who you want to build your future team around.

Derrick Brown’s Auburn Career

Brown had a four year career at the University of Auburn resulting in 46 games played. The 2019 SEC Defensive Player of the Year recorded 170 tackles, 33 tackles for loss, 12.5 sacks, 8 pass deflections, 5 forced fumbles and 4 fumble recoveries throughout his career. Is he Chase Young? Certainly not! But we cannot let his impressive career be overlooked given the talent of the SEC offensive lines he went up against. Derrick Brown is NFL ready and will only become more of a monster when he gets in an NFL weight room.

Other Picks In The 2020 Draft

Joe Burrow is coming off arguably the best college football single season ever and is the unanimous #1 pick. Chase Young is going to be the #2 player off the board due to his extraordinary talent and power as an edge rusher. What happens after the first two selections is really a coin flip. There are several avenues a team can go based on their needs as well as possibly getting significant trade value . Derrick Brown in my opinion is the safest option as the #3 pick. We all know the risk of taking Tua, probably the highest risk/reward player we have seen coming out of college in recent years. Do you really want to trust drafting a cornerback at #3? Not to shed any light on Okudah’s fabulous season. But, he did have Chase Young going after the opposing QB each play which makes a defensive backs life A LOT easier.

My Final 2020 Draft Top 5 Picks:

  • Joe Burrow (QB,LSU)
  • Chase Young (DE, OSU)
  • Derrick Brown (DT, Auburn)
  • Jedrick Willis (RT Alabama)
  • Isaiah Simmons (LB/DE Clemson)

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-Fred O’Brien (@FOBCGSports)

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