The Red Sox Have A New Team Leader

I’ll start off by saying this Manny Machado is the biggest fake tough guy in baseball. With that being said we found out on Tuesday that there is now a leader of the Boston Red Sox. Chris Sale is the leader he over took Pedroia as the leader plain and simple and it is 100% Pedroia’s fault. I love Pedrioa he is my favorite player and is a hard-working consistent player that seems to do everything correctly.

The reason he lost it is simple if a player on your team throws at the player that took you out with a dirty slide and hurt you, you do not then get that players attention and say, “oh that wasn’t me, that was them!”. Yes, peddy that was them sticking up for you against a guy that has a history as a dirty player.

Even if you told them not to throw at him, you still don’t throw your teammates under the bus once they do throw at him. You must stand your ground and have your teammates back ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE THE TEAM LEADER!

Chris Sale on Tuesday threw behind Manny Machado and instead of Machado doing anything then and there he waits about 4 hours to bitch to reporters about how he has lost respect for the Red Sox organization. Good who cares! If you had such a problem with it then do something about it in person when it happened! I’m proud Sale threw behind him and I’m not completely convinced it was because of the Pedroia slid because the night before there was a ball that was thrown up around Mookie Betts’ head so I think that also played a factor into it. Also, it’s about time someone on this team showed some fire and competitiveness on this team because clearly, we have been lacking that.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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