A Product You Need In Your Life… THE POPSOCKET

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We are straying away from sports a tad here. Just taking a little side step away so I can enlighten your life a little bit. There is this product out there that I have discovered seldom people are actually aware of. This product, is called a Popsocket.

What is a Popsocket you ask? Well let me tell you. It is a device that attaches to the back of your phone which then acts as a grip. Don’t worry; when you pull it off, if there is a residue left behind, you can wipe it right away. Simple.

But a Popsocket literally becomes a piece to your phone. Toss it on wherever you like on the back. High, middle or near the bottom. Whatever your preference is.

The Popsocket is now a place for you to hold your phone so you don’t need to tuck your pinky underneath and cradle your phone with a loose grip. I hold mine with my index finger on top, and middle finger on bottom. It is so much more relaxing for your hand.

This device gives you such an impeccable grip on your phone. I never drop it anymore, and believe me, when I didn’t have a grip I was all over the place. My cousin used to tell me I shouldn’t even buy a new phone because I would just break it. Fair enough.

But this grip assists me in holding on to the phone, and frankly, it makes holding on to it much more comfortable. Now when I use other phones that do not have the Popsocket on the back, it just feels unnatural and I feel like I can drop the phone very easily.

I LOVE the grip. I’ve become so confident with my phone that I took off the case. I’m not saying do it, but maybe you could be a risk taker like me. But if you drop your phone, don’t tell me I owe you a new one. That was your own dumb fault.

Popsocket Secrest

What makes it better is you can customize it if you want to pay 4 bucks extra (worth it). There are a couple of options you can go about. A) There are a ton of default options you can select from. These all cost 8 bucks and they are just plain, simple designs. I have a baseball on mine. Pretty solid. Pretty simple, pretty cool. Or B) You can send in a picture of whatever you want and they will put it on to your Popsocket. You can customize it straight from the website and they’ll take care of the rest. This cost 12 bucks. I put my girlfriends pet Chinchilla on hers recently. Looks SICK.

Get anything. Your favorite sports team, your face, my face. Whatever you want.

PLUS, you can also use this as a stand, which is my favorite part. You pull out the Popsocket and you can stand it up to watch a video instead of leaning it against a water bottle or something.

It completely folds in too so you won’t even notice it. When you want to use it, you pull it all the way out and when you’re done, push it back in. Simple. Easy.

And while you’re on the site, check out the other little accessories that go along with it. Now they have the Popclip. This is cool because it’s a mount for your car and you can slide your phone right into it using your Popsocket. Really solid when trying to use your GPS. Or watch a video. I’m kidding… DON’T watch a video while driving. But seriously awesome for the GPS.

And a question I get asked all the time because well, when someone sees that thing sticking out of my phone I always get asked about it. “Will it attach to my case?” It will attach to MOST cases. Only one I know it struggled with is leather but I also know someone who has a leather case and it sticks to theirs so I think that other person was just being a negative Ned.

By the way, really fun to just play with when you’re sitting their bored. Pop it in, pop it out, very distracting.

You really need to go buy one. I love mine and every one that I have met who has been skeptical about it who has bought one loves it. I couldn’t go without it at this point.

Also seen on the red carpet and the Chicago Blackhawks NHL championship parade. Plus MANY celebrities have been seen with them.

Here’s the website. Popsockets.com. Easy, cheap, and will change your phone life.

Written By: Nick Quags (@NickQuag)

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