The Red Sox can Show they are a Legit Threat with a Grueling June Schedule

The Red Sox have gotten out to a red hot start to begin their 2021 campaign, and with Alex Cora back controlling the reigns, this team once again looks like a threat both in their division and in the entire American League. Looking ahead in the schedule, June appears to be the gauntlet month, and could very well decide who they are as a team. Now, I am in no way saying that this schedule has been a cakewalk up to this point because it certainly has not, and this team has already proved its worth. 

What Does the Grueling June Schedule Look Like?

Looking ahead, though, man oh man that month of June could have some HUGE implications on the AL East, and the season. the Sox will play the Houston Astros twice, the New York Yankees twice, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the Tampa Bay Rays. Sprinkle in a series with the Atlanta Braves, the Los Angeles Angels, and the Kansas City Royals and you’re starting to see how this month of June could be so critical going forward.

Let’s quickly break down some of the biggest series of the month.

The Grueling June Schedule Involves the New York Yankees 

Let’s start with the New York Yankees. This team is struggling as of late after getting swept by the lowly Detroit Tigers and facing a tough Rays team. Aaron Boone, the Manager of the New York Yankees, called out the team after being swept by the Detroit Tigers, stating “The bottom line is, we’ve got to be better.”

The Yankees don’t have it easy over the next 7 games. Their pitching has been a major concern for the team. There is a plus, it appears that the Sox will miss out on Gerrit Cole. Regardless, that aside, look for these Red Sox bats to light up the Yankee Pitching, and for the Red Sox pitching to stymie the Yankees bats.

The Grueling June Schedule Involves the Houston Astros

On Deck after the Yankees Series is 3 against the Houston Astros. This will be the 2nd time this month that the Red Sox will face the Astros, but this time they will square off at Fenway. Houston is battling for first place with the Oakland A’s in the AL West. This will be the first time the Astros visit Fenway since fans have returned, so expect loud booing in retaliation for their past cheating scandal. Houston has a great Starting 5 in regards to pitchers so this series will be a must-watch seeing them match up against some of the Red Sox power bats.

The Grueling June Schedule Involves the Toronto Blue Jays

Next up is the Toronto Blue Jays. They’ve been very streaky lately, thanks in most part to their bullpen blowing leads up the ying-yang. However, do not let that distract you from the fact that they still have some of the best young players in the game with Bichette, Guerrero, and Hernandez. These guys can still light up pitching and are fighting hard within the 4-team race in the AL East. The Sox took 2 out of 3 in Dunedin, but now the series shifts back to Fenway where the team will be in the comfort of their fans.

The Grueling June Schedule Involves the Tampa Bay Rays

Finally, to top it all off, we’ve got a showdown in Tampa Bay against what has been a red hot Rays team. This team is the one that worries me the most in my honest opinion. Tampa ripped off 11 straight wins before finally losing a duel to the Kansas City Royals. This team is once again defying all odds and is dominating in spots we did not think they would (e.g. Starting Pitching). This Rays team is going to be the team that will threaten the Sox for the East more than any of the other teams. They haven’t seen each other since the beginning of Apri where a smoking hot Sox team swept the Rays. I do not see that happening again, though. I foresee this series and future series being tight, and these two teams could very well decide who wins the East.

Wrap it Up

So, with all that being said, June could be an absolutely brutal month for the Red Sox. If we see them make it out with even any kind of a winning record, then this team is in a fantastic position to be even more of a threat than we ever expected them to be.

Summer is coming, which means prime baseball season is upon us!! Enjoy it. Soak it all in, ’cause it’s gonna be an absolute race to the finish; and boy, is it gonna be a good one!

-Jeff Hoak (@JeffHoak1)

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