The Red Sox Are Just Fine Without Hanley Ramirez

Since the Red Sox have designated Hanley Ramirez for assignment, the team has gone 5-1.  And they’re offense hasn’t suffered one bit.

Just look at those numbers.  They’re in the top five in almost every and in first in many.  At the beginning of the year, Hanley was a solid contributor, no doubt about it.  But recently, he hasn’t been much of anything.  His batting avg dropped to .254 and his WAR was just .1.  His last few at bats with the team were just atrocious too.  He would just swing at anything trying to make contact and send the ball a long way.

Many have wondered what the Red Sox were thinking but not this guy.

He was a great character player to have around and was entertaining as ever to watch.  But he came with his downside.  The first year back with the club, he was put in left field.  Everyone saw that this was simply just not a good fit for him.  He didn’t care to play the outfield and it showed when he would barely practice anything out there.  Then the DH project happened and that was oh so swell.  He didn’t pay much attention there either.  Many expected the same when he was placed at first base but actually, he fit in well there.

When he was in the infield, he played with confidence and that carried over to the plate.  And he started off well this year, but May was just not really his month.  Because of this, it was a perfect opportunity for the club to address the elephant in the room.

(Photo Courtesy: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire)

Dustin Pedroia

They needed to make room for Dusty Two Sacks somehow.  And with Jackie Bradley and Christian Vazquez continuing to struggle, we thought maybe they’d move one or both of them to make room.  Only to make matters even more awkward, Blake Swihart’s agent demanded a trade.  Now that Hanley is gone, we can showcase Swihart before moving him.

Only time will tell if this was truly the right player to let go of to get Pedroia back on the team.  I’m glad Pedroia’s back too, they desperately needed better defense at second because Nunez was struggling.  One thing is certain though, Hanley Ramirez will find another team to play for.  He’s still got enough talent to be a good major league ball player.


Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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