The Celtics Should Definitely Trade Up For Mo Bamba

Trade Rumor SZN is officially upon us, ladies and gents!

It seems like every off-season since the Brooklyn trade, the Celtics have been involved in some sort of trade rumor. Yesterday, we got our first taste of it for this off-season. Although this rumor was shot down by Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald, I still would love to see the Celtics trade up for Mo Bamba.

Why do I want Mo Bamba? His 7 foot 10 wingspan has a lot to do with it, I can tell you that. He could turn into an elite rim defender if he’s put in the right system. I think to be able to learn from not only Brad Stevens, but Al Horford, who is an elite defender in his own right, would put this kid on the right track. Horford also isn’t getting any younger, so the C’s could wind up needing a young, athletic center in the years to come.

These reports have indicated that the C’s would have to pay a big price to get Bamba. The only way I’m doing this trade is if A: It’s on draft night and B: The Celtics don’t have to part with Jaylen Brown.

Making it on draft night makes me feel more comfortable only because there’s a chance he could be taken in the top 3. According to these reports, the C’s want to move somewhere around the 5-6 range. If they traded for one of those picks now just for him to get drafted beforehand I would be heated. Also, if Jaylen Brown is involved, I’m out. Give up Terry Rozier, give up the Sacramento pick, give up your own pick this year, I don’t care. Just please hold on to Jaylen.

Like most trade rumors involving the Celtics, this probably won’t happen. It’s still fun to speculate though.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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