The Red Hot Sox

“ oh well the Sox haven’t played any good teams yet!” “ Wait till they play the Yankees!”. These here, are quotes from every Yankees fan out there before last nights game. Now Yankees fans are going to say “ Well it’s only one game”. Yeah, they are right. However, this one game set the tone for the rest of the games these two teams play against each other.

If you’re a Red Sox fan like me, you have to be pumped up after last nights monstrous game. I didn’t know how this team would respond after Bogaerts went down the other day, but they didn’t disappoint. The Sox lineup went out against the Yankees best starting pitcher and put up five runs in just five innings. The Red Sox are now 9-1 as they go into tonight’s game against the evil empire.

As of right now, Mookie Betts has the best batting average in all of baseball (.432). Hanley has been slugging the ball, and Benintendi is starting to come around. If JD Martinez can go back to doing what he did last season, then this lineup could be unstoppable.

So far the Sox starting rotation have been nothing short of flawless. Even though they have only pitched against two terrible offensive teams, you have to give them credit. We all know that Sale will dominate any team, as he demonstrated last night. Porcello can show signs of dominance, and Price is a proven vet. The starting rotation boasts a 1.68 ERA. Look for that to increase as the season continues, but this is one of the best staffs in baseball.

The funny thing is, these two teams end the regular season with a three game series between each other. This series will 100% be crucial and most likely decide who takes home first in the East.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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