Celtics Finish Road Trip 0-3…So, Now What?

The Boston Celtics came into their most recent road trip on a four game winning streak to start off 2019. I know I was thinking, “FINALLY, the Celtics are here!” Well…the Celtics found a way to ruin that.

The Celtics ended their three game road trip with a 109-102 loss to the Brooklyn Nets in Brooklyn. Yes, you read that correctly. THE CELTICS LOST TO THE BROOKLYN NETS!!! That is a huge problem.

Granted, the Celtics didn’t have Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart, or Aron Baynes. But I mean, COME ON! There is no excuse for a loss like this. Remember, the Celtics also lost to the Orlando Magic, 105-103 on Saturday night and also lost to the Miami Heat Thursday night, 115-99.

Some people have even commented about Kyrie Irving making comments about the younger guys and how they have to play better as a team. Irving had another comment last night that is similar to how Celtics fans view their beloved team.

Championship or nothing. Let’s say it together again. Championship or nothing! This team is not playing with the same passion, chemistry, or alertness that they had last season. They just lost to a team barely over .500 (Miami) and two teams under .500 (Orlando and Brooklyn).

This isn’t the same Eastern Conference as in year’s past. The Celtics have proven they can handle and beat the Bucks, Raptors, Pacers, and 76ers…who ironically are the four teams above the Celtics in the Eastern Conference standings.

So what is next for this struggling Celtics team? Well, beating the Raptors tomorrow night might be a good starting point.

Start off by beating the Raptors, a team that you will be seeing more of come playoff time. Find a way to split a back to back (home against Memphis, away at Atlanta) and then beat Miami and Cleveland at home before the Warriors come into the T.D. Garden next Saturday night.

Like I said before, Kyrie is trying to get his younger teammates more motivated. It seems like he might be getting somewhere with them.

We’re begging you Celtics, play with the urgency, heart, and toughness that you had last season. Those were definitely more fun times than right now!

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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