The Rafters Podcast Episode 70: Juancho Gonna Do?, Ludicrous Article

Episode 70 of The Rafters Podcast is here! Join Justin and Liam this week in breaking down a few popular Celtics related articles. The first one discussed is about Paul Pierce expressing his desire to “get the band back together” in a sense. If you’ve followed the franchise following their magical 2008 run, then you know it hasn’t been all sunshine and hugs. During their playing tenure in green, Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen butted heads on multiple occasions. This led to tension that spread to other teammates once Allen up and left for eventual championship Miami Heat in the 2012-2013 off-season. Since then the 2008 Celtics team has met multiple times to celebrate their achievements without an appearance from Ray Allen. It’s clear the feelings of resentment are still there. Paul Pierce wants to squash that and focus on the amazing feat they conquered back in 2008.

A recent Sports Illustrated article was published detailing the possibility of Ben Simmons being traded to Boston. While the author Justin Grasso expressed it is a slim chance we see the large guard end up in green and white, it is still an interesting idea to kick the tires on as a Celtics fan. Simmons has had an up and down career. He’s a 3x All-Star and was a runner-up Defensive Player of the Year. But last year, remember the melt down in the last series against Atlanta? Remember when he scored zero points in multiple fourth quarters? How about when he passed up a layup that was a clear momentum shift in favor of the Hawks?

Right now, Philly is asking for a kings random for their young All-Star. But if no one bites on the trade, then management may have to take a lesser offer to move on from their disgruntled star. The guys split opinions on if they would like to see Simmons sent our way in exchange for integral Celtics players and first round picks.

We called it! Brad makes more moves sending Carsen Edwards, Kris Dunn, and a 2026 Second Round picks swap with the Memphis Grizzlies for Power Forward, Juancho Hernangomez. Hernangomez, a career role player fills a position of need for Boston in exchange for next to nothing. Will Juancho establish himself as a key rotational piece that has been a staple of successful Celtics teams in the Brad Stevens era? Or will he flush his way out of the city in no time? Join us as we dissect everything happening in the world of Boston Celtics!

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