The Rafters Pod Ep. 72: ESPN Prediction, Hot Take/Cold Take

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Episode 72 of The Rafters Podcast is now live!

Additional Topics!

Other topics include Dennis Schroder giving fans the opportunity to choose his number for this coming season and ESPN releasing their 2021-22 season record predictions and seeding. Also, Isaiah Thomas is potentially getting another opportunity with a western conference contender.

Dennis Schroder released an article on his website and app where he encouraged fans to vote out of a list of five possible choices to decide what number he will wear for the Boston Celtics this season. The options are 71, 80, 8, 96, and 84. The winner will be announced soon!

Every Celtics fans favorite pint sized point guard appears to have interest from a very formidable western conference contender. Liam and Justin break it all down.

ESPN released its record predictions for the end of the 2021-22 season. The list doesn’t sit well at all with Justin and a debate breaks out.


A new segment is introduced on The Rafters Podcast! It’s called Hot Take/Cold Take. Nearly every week, the guys will close out the show asking each other a few opinions where the other will have to reply with “Hot Take” if they like it and “Cold Take” if it will fall flat.

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