The Rafters Pod: Episode 64

Guest This Week on the Rafters Pod: Episode 64

On the Rafters Pod: Episode 64, we are joined once again by the network’s very own Content Creator, Al Nahigian. Al has been on with us a number of times now. Al gets thrown right into the fire with this episode.

Topics This Week on the Rafters Pod: Episode 64

On this week’s episode, the fellas jump right into the madness that has become the Celtics Organization just 24 hours after their departure from this years playoffs. Long time Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge has reportedly stepped down from his position, allowing Brad Stevens to move up to replace him in the front office. This comes as a shock to most. Even though Ainge has been struggling with his health and many of the fans have called for his firing in the past couple years.

With Stevens moving to GM, that leaves a vacancy at head coach. A few big names have already surfaced as to who could lead this historic franchise from the sideline for the foreseeable future. All these candidates and potential hopefuls will be broken down on this weeks episode as well as the Celtics-Nets Game 4 off-court actions. Kyrie shows his disrespect towards Boston once again and one particular fan fights back.

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You can find the Rafters pod on a number of different podcast platforms. You can get all of our podcast episodes on the Couch Guy Sports general website. Here. We’ll even give you the link to check out the previous episode. Trust me, you’re going to want to listen to the last episode. It’s us two bickering back and forth about this team. We’re also on the bigger platforms like Spotify, apple podcasts, Soundcloud, basically anywhere you can find a podcast. We’re very easy to find on the world wide web. We promise!

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