The Quest for Seven is Going to be a Journey

It is Wild Card weekend and the New England Patriots, yes, the New England Patriots, will be playing. This is not a usual spot for the team as they usually secure a first-round bye every year going into the playoffs.

Tonight, the Patriots take on the Tennessee Titians. This is one of the biggest games in the Brady, Belichick era and could maybe be the last game together.

However, I am not going to believe that until I see it happen. Julian Edelman and Tom Brady have recently posted to their social medias, hype videos, as they start their playoff push. Those videos give you hope and once again, make Patriot fans believe that anything is possible.

Tonight, will be one of the best games of the whole playoffs. Any game the Patriots participate in during these playoffs will be remarkable because I believe this team won’t be blown out.

Brady and the Patriots have been in this situation many times. Backs against the wall and no one believing in them besides themselves. That’s when they are at their best and I expect them to come out strong tonight.

This will not be the last game you see Tom Brady in a Patriot uniform this year.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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