Even If Tom Brady Is Gone, Julian Edelman Is Ready For 2020

I won’t re-aggravate any of you with what happened Saturday night. What I will do is give you something positive to look forward to during the 2020 season. We all know what New England Patriots fans are really thinking about: whether Tom Brady retires or moves on. But, nobody has questioned if Julian Edelman might decide to call it quits too. Well, it looks like Julian Edelman isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It looks like Edelman will be back for 2020, despite being banged up a lot throughout his Patriot career. Assuming Edelman is 100% back in the fold next season, here are a few things to consider with the wide receiver.

The Redemption Factor

Look, Julian Edelman is just as competitive as Tom Brady. We see it week in and week out. You see the frustration on Edelman’s face after the game. That was a very unfortunate and uncharacteristic drop on the part of Edelman. Keep in mind, he’s been dealing with injuries the whole second half of the season. He’s going to get healthy and he’s going to be better in 2020 than he was this season. Edelman will be as hungry as anyone to get Super Bowl number seven.

Either Way, Edelman Is Crucial To The Patriots Future

Whether or not Brady leaves, Edelman can still be a vital part to the Patriots future. If Brady hangs around, then nothing changes. However, if Brady leaves, then Edelman can be a good mentor to a kid like Jarrett Stidham. Stidham looks to be the future quarterback of the Patriots. We saw the chemistry between him and wide receiver Jakobi Meyers in the pre-season. Imagine what Edelman could do with Stidham? I think it would be a great match for the next few years!

In Conclusion

It’ll be tough enough to potentially see Tom Brady exit stage right. It would be even tougher to see Edelman potentially go as well. Remember, Edelman is 33 years old and has played 10 years already in the NFL. Nobody would blame him if he did what Rob Gronkowski did and retired while still having his body somewhat in tact. Yes, I get Gronk was much younger, but you get the point. Edelman is ready for the 2020 season already and I’m with him too. Put 2019 in the past, get some more offensive weapons, and let’s get to work for 2020!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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