The Portland Trail Blazers Representing the West in the NBA Finals?

Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley was on ESPN early Friday morning, preaching the Portland Trail Blazers are going to the NBA Finals. It is a bold prediction from Barkley. However, the Blazers did look dominate the first two games of their series against OKC. However, with a loss last night, Barkley’s bold prediction could back fire.

Golden State is currently up 2-1 in their series against the Los Angeles Clippers and that one loss, they blew a 31-point lead. Golden State is the clear favor to make the Finals and even win the whole thing. However, maybe Charles has point though. A lot of people are sleeping on this team.

However, it’s a real tough take. They lost their big man for the season, Jusuf Nurkic to a season-ending leg injury and are relying on the Enes Kanter, who isn’t even a top ten center in the Playoffs.

The only thing that the Blazers have going for them is that the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors will have to play each other in the 2ndround. If Portland takes care of business against OKC and whoever they play in the 2ndround, they will have a chance.

Houston and Golden State will be a series that could potentially go six or seven games. So, if Portland makes the Western Conference Finals, one of those teams will be coming off a hard battle series.

This isn’t a ridiculous take from Barkley. I think at the end of the day Portland won’t represent the West in the Finals. However, if Golden State gets knocked out by the Houston Rockets, there will be a chance. Portland matches up better against Houston and also will have home court advantage throughout the series. The Blazers still need to take care of business against the Thunder and whoever they meet in the 2ndround. However, for now, don’t sleep on this team, they have a chance to make a solid run in this postseason.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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