The PlayStation 5 Was Revealed

Earlier this week Sony officially released their first look at the new PS5. Just from watching the video I actually don’t hate the look of it. I think Sony is trying to find a way to combat their success against Xbox with a whole new look and feel to the iconic gaming console. Additionally with its reveal, Sony also mentioned they are going to enhance GTA 5 (dumb idea) and showed us a few other new games that will be released with the console. But the big thing that people noticed wasn’t the 1.6 terabyte hard drive, it was the price.

Sony didn’t officially announce the price of the PS5. But I saw on Twitter that it’s going to be around $795. I get it, every 7-8 years Sony and Microsoft go through a console war. At this point in gaming, no one cares if you have an Xbox or PlayStation. We just want to be able to play with our friends. Rightfully so that is what makes gaming so much fun. But this couldn’t have been a worse announcement.

$795 is just too steep to ask for the casual gamer to pay. Then on top have to buy games. That’s going to turn into a $1000 day. I remember when I bought my Xbox One with my own money. I sold my Xbox 360 and about 40 games and all GameStop gave me was like $300, and at that time the Xbox One was like $599 when it first released. And the only game I had for it was Call of Duty: Ghost and it sucked.  So asking people to spend that much just isn’t feasible.

This is another reason why Xbox is king. We have no idea how much the new Xbox X is going to cost, but I guarantee it’s less than $650. For all we know Xbox X could have been $1000, but after seeing how much shit Sony got for $795 the Xbox X will definitely be less than that.

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