The Patriots Will Play an NFC East Team in the Super Bowl This Year…​. Here’s Why

The Patriots are looking to get to back to back Super Bowls for the first time since ’03-’05. Looking back at all of the championships New England has won, I’ve noticed a similar trend during the four-year stretch. Because of this trend, I believe that they’re lined up to make it back AGAIN this year, and go against an NFC East team. Let’s start by looking back at their first Super Bowl victory:


Patriots vs. Rams (NFC West)

The first Super Bowl victory in Patriots history was against the St. Louis Rams of the NFC West division. The following season, they didn’t make it back. However, this was still the beginning of an impressive run the Patriots would start to string together. Now let’s look at the ’14-’15 Super Bowl…


Patriots vs. Seahawks (NFC West)

The Patriots win their first Super Bowl since the ’04-’05 season over the Seattle Seahawks,  who are also from the NFC West. Following in the footsteps of the season after their first Super Bowl victory, they missed out on the big game the following year. But again, this is the start of yet another run the Patriots are making. Let’s go to ’03-’04…


Patriots vs. Panthers (NFC South)

After taking a year off the Patriots made it back and won their second Super Bowl, this time over the Carolina Panthers of the NFC South. Winning their second Super Bowl in three years, the Patriots were on to something truly special. Now let’s look at their most recent Super Bowl victory…


Patriots vs. Falcons (NFC South)

Again after just one year not making the Super Bowl, the Patriots were back again, this time against the Atlanta Falcons of the NFC South. And again, this victory would be their second in just three years. Are you starting to see the trend? If not, let’s now look at the ’04-’05 Super Bowl…


Patriots vs. Eagles (NFC East)

To cap off their third Super Bowl victory in just four seasons, the Patriots took down the Philidelphia Eagles of the NFC East. This would be their third championship in four years, which is simply amazing. So why could this all matter?

Everybody knows that the Patriots are the best team in the AFC right now. I’d be shocked to see anybody else come out of this conference and make it to the Super Bowl. Assuming they do make it, they will be looking to do something they are pretty familiar with doing, and that’s winning their third Super Bowl in just four seasons AGAIN.

Now if we look over to the NFC, the Packers, Cowboys, and Seahawks are the cream of the crop. But if history is to repeat itself, the Dallas Cowboys, who are in the NFC East, will be the team to make it out of the NFC to try and take down the Patriots.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 3.41.46 PM.png

If the Patriots and a team from the NFC East are to make it to the Super Bowl this year, we would have teams from the same exact divisions in the championship from both ’01-’05 and ’14-’18.

I think history repeating itself is kind of cool, especially when it involves the Patriots winning Super Bowls. Also if you can’t tell, it’s been a pretty boring sports day which has led me to start digging up random facts until I came across something kind of cool. Let me know what you think of my theory in the comment section.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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