Kraft’s Overwatch Boston Brings in Chris ‘HuK’ Loranger to Head Team Operations

SOURCE – The Kraft Sports Group is tapping former StarCraft II pro Chris “HuK” Loranger to head its Overwatch League team operations, sources close to both parties told ESPN.

Last week, ESPN’s Jacob Wolf reported that The Kraft Sports Group brought in HuK to be, what I gathered, basically the General Manager. HuK was a longtime StarCraft II pro, and was a competitor in Korea when very few Western players could come close. He’s been involved in the Overwatch scene since last summer, and was formerly with Toronto Esports. He’s been involved as a broadcaster and analyst as well.

At last, we finally know something about Boston’s first local professional esports team – but not much.

What we do know now, though, is that Overwatch Boston is going full on to be one of the elite teams in the Overwatch Leaugue. Wolf’s report highlights that HuK was in South Korea scouting players, and he appealed specifically to meet Kim ‘birdring‘ Ji Hyuk, current DPS player for KongDoo Panthera in OGN’s APEX leauge.

KDP is one of the best teams in the world, and for HuK to be scouting these players means that we are going to be seeing some superstar Koreans in Boston. I love the move, and trust that HuK will be able to compile a team that can win. He was formerly with Toronto Esports, and brought them from trash tier to competitors in the Academy and Rivalcade tournaments.

Overwatch Boston will be facing tough competiton, as it was reported yesterday that Team EnVyUs would be gaining the Dallas spot in the Overwatch League. EnVy once had a 60+ game winning streak, and remain in the top three North American teams. Other teams such as Misfits (based in Miami), Immortals (Los Angeles) and NRG eSports (Sacramento) will hope to put up a fight. These teams are already, for the most part, established.

HuK has his work cut out to create a team from the ground up to compete. If Overwatch Boston can get birdring, and in my dreams Surefour from Cloud9 (who seem to be crumbling), they will have one of the best DPS duos in the world – a hell of a place to build from.

Yeah, I’m writing about esports now – let’s fuckin go.

Written by: Bob Rice @bobricebobrice

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