The Patriots Signing Demaryius Thomas Is A Ridiculously Perfect Fit

A lot of Patriots fans were skeptical about the wide receiving position. They only had Philip Dorsett and Julian Edelman locked in for the upcoming 2019 season. Today, they added another piece to the puzzle.

The Patriots today signed wide receiver Demaryius Thomas to a one year deal. Thomas spent most of his career with the Denver Broncos before making a pit stop in Houston to play for the Texans. This can be viewed as a low risk, high reward type of signing.

Thomas Is Coming Off An Achilles Injury

Thomas’s career in Houston was short as he suffered his injury. This is why the signing can be seen as a low risk, high reward move. He is on the back end of his career, so the Patriots medical staff will probably pay close attention to Thomas during training camp.

The Wide Receiving Core Was Getting RIDICULOUSLY Thin

The Patriots seemed to be losing wide receivers left and right. First, there was Cordarelle Patterson.

Then the other day, Chris Hogan decided to leave town.

Let’s also not forget the Danny Amendola back to New England rumors…NOPE!

The Patriots needed somebody of veteran status for Tom Brady to throw to and Thomas fits that bill perfectly.

This was a signing the Patriots desperately needed to do. Hopefully, this won’t end up like Reggie Wayne or Eric Decker where they retire in training camp. If he can last through the season, he could be quite valuable to the Patriots come playoff time. Until then, only time will tell if Thomas was worth signing.

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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