The Patriots QB Situation Isn’t Getting Any Better

Last week, Odds Shark tweeted the odds for who the next Patriots QB will be in 2021.

Out of the nine there, I would only want three of them – Jimmy Garoppolo, Mac Jones, and Derek Carr.  If you say anyone else you are stuck in 2016-2017.  Having Mariota and Newton as the two front runners scares the shit out of me as a fan.  First off, why is Cam Newton so high?  Did we all not just go through a miserable season with a guy who literally can’t throw a football?  Yes.  Yes, we did.  Now Mariota is an interesting pick here.  This guy is actually still under contract with the Raiders and same with Derek Carr (+1200).  Last season, Mariota played in one game.  He played a single game last year, and yet he is the odds on favorite to be the Pats starting QB?  This means that the Raiders will have to either trade him to the Patriots or release him.  And now that he has a market it looks like, there is no chance the Raiders drop him for free.

But someone who I would trade players and picks for would be Jimmy Garoppolo.  How some reason, the 49ers want to move on from Garoppolo without saying exactly that.  It seems like since his Super Bowl loss they have been wanting to move on.  But why?  I know his health is the main concern, but he can play and he wins!  He reminds me a lot of a younger Brady.  Brady was never the “Pat Mahomes” type player in his first few Super Bowl wins.  He was a simple clock manager and would suck teams in with the run and then play action pass.  San Francisco literally did this to get to the Super Bowl.  I would trade any first round pick for Jimmy G to be back with Belichick.  I would also love Derek Carr too.  I think he has a lot left in the tank and he actually is a great passer.  But I personally can’t see the Raiders giving him up, nor Belichick going after him.

The only rookies I would take would be Mac Jones or Kyle Trask.  I don’t know enough or seen enough of Trey Lance to give him a fair chance.  But after watching how inexperienced Jordan Love looked in GB this year coming from a mid-major, I am out on Lance for that reason.  Not enough high level competition to play in the NFL.  Jones and Trask would be the conservative picks.  Both come from dominate SEC programs and can handle the football well.  I wouldn’t hate either of these picks.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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