The Patriots Got Smoked on Sunday, and Dion Lewis Couldn’t Wait to Rip His Former Squad Afterwards

Is it me, or does Dion Lewis seem mad that the Patriots chose not to re-sign him?

I guess I understand why Lewis might be upset, but he should’ve known the Patriots were going to let him walk last off-season. Everybody understands that the way they handle their personnel differs so much from other teams around the league. It’s always been this way, and as long as Bill Belichick is around, nothing is going to change. Sure, they may be cheap at times, but it’s proven to be a successful remedy for such a long time. I think the five Lombardi trophies speak for themselves in that regard.

At the time, I agreed with the Pats electing to not bring Lewis back. I actually think that running back is one of the most replaceable positions in the NFL. Just look at the Le’Veon Bell situation in Pittsburgh for example. Bell’s replacement, James Conner, was a third-round pick. While filling in for Bell, Conner is currently ranked second in the league in rushing yards with 771 and has 10 touchdowns on the year. You can find backs just about anywhere.

James White is currently on a similar contract to what Lewis signed with Tennessee. It just wouldn’t have made much sense for us to commit nearly $40M to one position, especially when it’s running back, the one spot where Belichick has been cycling through guys for almost two decades.

I think it’s fair to say that the Patriots can be cheap at times, but that isn’t why they lost to the Titans today. They just didn’t show up, and when that happens, nine times out of ten you’ll get your ass handed to you in almost every sport.

So congrats on the win, Dion, but I think someone needs to remind you what the AFC standings look like:

Have fun watching football from your couch come January, we’ll probably be hosting a playoff game.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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