Golden Tate Can’t Fix Eagles Problems

After losing to the Dallas Cowboys last night, the Philadelphia Eagles fell to 4-5 on the season. Super Bowl hangover anyone?

It is not the best time to be an Eagles fan after the loss last night. They were coming off the bye playing an inferior Cowboys team, but were only able to put up 20 points while Ezekiel Elliot ran all over them.

Philadelphia’s defense is not as good as everyone thought it was coming into the year. Their secondary is weak and when teams start to pass, it opens up running lanes. No matter how good their run defense of Nigel Bradham, Michael Bennett, and Fletcher Cox is, they won’t be able to stop run after run and that became evident last night.

It also seems that Doug Pederson does not know the issues of his own team. Instead of trying to grab a running back or a corner to sure up the secondary for the stretch run, they grabbed Golden Tate. It was not by any stretch a bad trade, but did they need a receiver more than anything else? No. Carson Wentz is the type of quarterback who makes other guys better. For crying out loud Dallas Goedert has had huge games this season because Wentz doesn’t care who he is throwing to. Acquiring a running back would have gone a long way in opening up throwing lanes for Wentz.

Who am I to say? No one. But after watching Philly play like dog crap on Sunday Night Football, it became easy to pinpoint the team’s problems: it’s panic time in Philly.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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