The Patriots Difference Maker

Well, as the Patriots are gearing up for another playoff run, resting up on the bye week they earned from being the number one seed in the conference. I started thinking about potential opponents for the Pats, with Wild Card weekend kicking off tomorrow. With the Jaguars being the only team the Patriots have no chance to play, the Chiefs, Titans, and Bills could be coming to Gillette.

The Chiefs are a solid team, they have some nice pieces on offense and a defense that has struggled but still has some guys that can cause problems. I personally thought the Titans were going to be better, but they weren’t. They have a solid running game and with old friend Logan Ryan in the secondary, their defense is solid. The Bills, well the Bills are just the Bills. I’m sorry, but they do not stand a chance of winning a playoff game in Gillette stadium.

These teams can give the Patriots trouble in some different ways. I think that the only one of the bunch including the Jaguars and the Steelers that can beat the Pats is the Chiefs. But at the end of the day I don’t think any of it will matter.

The Patriots just simply have the best player. The most important position on the field, and it’s not even close really. Alex smith is a good player, not great. Marcus Mariota has been awful this year. Blake Bortles has had a nice season, and that defense is will give Brady some trouble but nothing they won’t figure out. Big Ben can be an issue but in my opinion he has one foot in retirement already.

At the end of the day, the most important position on the field they have just such an advantage over almost every team they play. Tom Brady will be the biggest divider between the Patriots and the field once again in their quest for another Super Bowl. I think it will end up being to much for everyone in the AFC and the Pats will make another Super Bowl.

Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio (@donato05)

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