The Patriots are on Track for a Pretty Special Season

Patriots fans remember the agony that followed the near perfect 2007 season.

I get PTSD just hearing the name “David Tyree.” But fast-forward 10+ years, the Pats have won three Super Bowls, so you could say the wound has been healed for the most part. This organization’s accomplishments in the last 20 years will no question have them go down as the best dynasty in NFL, and probably sports, history. It’s been a remarkable run, but it still feels like something’s missing, doesn’t it? The cherry on top, that perfect season that eluded them 12 years ago.

The team is certainly built to do so, if they want it. You obviously want to win every game you play in the National Football League, but the ’07 team made it obvious week in and week out that they were looking to throttle every single one of their opponents en route to that 16-0 regular season record. And if I’m being honest, this group of guys might actually be better than that one.

I know it’s only week two, but the Patriots have looked more dominant than any team I can remember to start the season off. They had their way with Pittsburgh on banner night. Then they added an All-Pro level receiver to their offense (you know, that Antonio Brown guy) and made the Dolphins look like a pee-wee football team today (which I know isn’t that hard, but still). They have walked over their first two opponents with ease this year, and the schedule is certainly built for them to win the next six games minimum. I think 19-0 is VERY, very possible this season, and I want them to go for it. They just need to finish the job this time around.

Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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