The Patrick Mahomes News is Great for the NFL

On Friday, news broke that Patrick Mahomes will not miss a significant amount of time due to a dislocated knee he suffered on Thursday night. He will miss at least three games.  It could have been worse, judging the way Mahomes grabbed his head right after the injury occurred.

The first reaction, from most, was Mahomes was going to miss the remainder of the season. That would have been terrible news for the NFL, as they have already experienced multiple quarterbacks going down this season.

It is no secret, Mahomes, right now, is must-watch TV.  He brings excitement and can be, at times, unstoppable. Yes, before Thursday night’s win, the Chiefs dropped the last two games, and Mahomes didn’t put up the numbers we were used to seeing. However, everyone still tunes in because he is just that good. If Mahomes were to be out for the year, the NFL ratings would more than likely go down, especially during playoff time.

The Patriots are clear favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. However, even as a Pats fan, I want them to face the best to get to the top. As a fan of the game, seeing Mahomes go down was sad and disappointing.

I am ecstatic about the news that came out about him, and I am sure the whole NFL is too. Everyone at the end of the day wants to see him on that field. Yes, he is a nightmare to stop, but it’s all about the health of the individual and seeing them perform at the highest level.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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