The One Move The Sox NEED To Make

The Red Sox have made it an issue of getting below the MLB Luxury cap, but also want to stay competitive. How do you do both? Good question. This one move the Sox have been rumored of making and NEED to make is simple. David Price for Wil Myers.

Myers has 4 years remaining at base salary of $20 million per year, BUT only 13.8 mill luxury cap hit heading into this year compared to Price’s $31 Million cap hit. Brewers need pitching help and Myers can benefit from a change of scenery. Sox need to dump salary and need a first baseman this year.

Now, three “issues” with this. First, I don’t think it would be a straight up deal and wouldn’t be shocked to see a minor leaguer or two thrown into this on either side. Second, the rumors of Bobby Dalbec is rumored to be making his major league appearance “sooner rather than later”. This move allows him to slow it down a little bit and can incorporate him into the big leagues slower and let him adjust at his own pace without catching grief if he struggles. Finally the argument of needing pitching to compete within the division never mind the rest of the league. Good point but don’t forget we still have Chris Sale whose lights out even when he’s not healthy as well as the type of season Eduardo Rodriguez just had. My guess is that if we are not competing at the Trade Deadline and Mookie has held his stance on testing free agency, we’ll see him moved at the deadline.

If Mookie is traded, that’s when you go get that extra pitcher you need in addition to any other holes that might pop up as the season progresses. Once that move is made, Myers moves out to LF or RF (which he has experience playing) Dalbec steps into an everyday role at first or second base. This is a move that has to be made, an if you are now getting upset about Price getting shopped around, stop it! We all know you hated him when he was here. Price is dominate without question, but i want to do anything i can to keep Mookie Betts in a Red Sox uniform as long as possible.

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Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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