The NFL DESPERATELY Wants to Tie Patriots Football Ops to “Spygate 2” and Wouldn’t You Know, They Just Can’t Do It

The NFL continues to investigate the New England Patriots for videotaping the Cincinnati Bengals’ sideline, but they are reportedly struggling to connect the scandal to the team’s football operations. That is great news for the Patriots, who would face a much steeper penalty if a connection is made.

NFL investigators spent time over the last few days interviewing members of the Patriots, according to a report Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. That included collecting devices from certain individuals, which Florio reports is to see if they can connect the scandal to the New England football ops. department.

“As one source explained it, there’s a sense that investigators want to make that connection, and a perception that they are showing frustration when unable to tie the video crew to the football employees,” Florio reported.

If no connection is made, the penalty against the Patriots is expected to be minimal. (per boston.cbslocal.com)


Well would you look at that. The NFL wants to tie in Patriots Football Ops to the Bengals sideline filming incident and they’re just not coming up with the answers that they’re looking for.

Honestly, it started to feel like something like this was unraveling. When this story first broke a few weeks ago, it seemed like it was just something that was nothing. The reasoning behind the filming made sense and we had some reports almost right away that the punishment isn’t going to be severe at all.

But for whatever reason, we just haven’t gotten a resolution to this thing yet and that’s why it started to seem weird. If they have the video and can’t tie in football ops, wouldn’t we already have our answer?

Look, I’m not going to sit here and act like the Patriots would never do something like this. I mean, they’ve literally done something like this before whether you believe the rest of the league was doing the same thing or not at the time. So to sit here and scream at the top of your lungs telling us that Ernie Adams doesn’t have microphones hidden under ever single practice field in America is delusional.

And hey, the footage did look wildly sketchy. Especially when you consider the fact that the “independent contractor” has been working with the Patriots for 18 YEARS. Wouldn’t that mean he was here for Spygate and should know to never, and I mean NEVER, film anything to do with the sidelines and/or coaches?

You know what wouldn’t shock me? If a handful of the league’s owners called into NFL Headquarters and told them to find something. If I’m an owner of an NFL team, sure, I’m probably paranoid and this Patriots derangement syndrome doesn’t help. But if I had to guess, I would guess that there were a few who told the NFL that they should do a little more digging into this situation.

I’m sure the league would LOVE to find something here because frankly, it would make the other 31 teams in the league wicked happy if they uncovered dirt. So are they trying to find something? Yeah, probably.

But it is hysterical that the league wants to get evidence that buries the Patriots this bad. The fact that they are STILL looking into this matter is insane. This feels like it was a year ago already. Can we just admit that some guy who was filming for the documentary screwed up and move on? Or are we going to start taking draft picks again?

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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