Sports Festivus 2019

With the Christmas holiday looming, it’s time to celebrate Festivus. For those of you unfamiliar with the holiday, it occurs on December 23rd and among other things, gives you a chance to air your grievances from the past year. This holiday was made popular by Seinfeld in the 90’s and has quickly established itself in pop culture since. As Frank Costanza once said: “I have a lot of problems with you people and now you’re going to hear about it!”

That being said, I’ve decided to air my sports grievances for this last year. There are a lot but here are a select few that really have annoyed me.

Jerry Jones

I cannot begin to explain how much this man annoys me. There’s no other team in the league that has an owner that talks to the media this much. The worst thing about it? He has no reason to be running his mouth. The Dallas Cowboys have arguably the most talented team in the league but going into the last week of the season, they’re sitting at 7-8.

Every time they’ve won a game, Jerry Jones has run his mouth. He treats every game this team has won like they’ve won a Super Bowl. The real story is they haven’t been on that stage in over twenty years. Now we all know this team’s problems seem to be because of the head coach. However, it would’t have gotten to this point if Jones hadn’t refused to do anything about Jason Garrett. He’s given him far too many chances so he deserves this ridiculous collapse of his team.

Brian Scalabrine

In 2008 when the Celtics won the NBA Championship, Brian Scalabrine was a novelty act. He wasn’t anywhere close to being the most talented on that team and often only played garbage minutes. The fans loved him though. He was the Tacko Fall before Tacko Fall was. However, that novelty act is no longer fun.

For the last couple season’s, Scal has been taking over for Tommy Heinsohn when he hasn’t been able to call games with Mike Gorman. I hate this. Brian Scalabrine has to be one of the worst color guys in sports. He constantly gets off topic and goes on tangents about things that are not happening in the game. In Boston’s game against Charlotte in early November, he spent a solid chunk of time talking about Kawhi Leonard. For those of you not familiar with the NBA, Kawhi does not play for either Boston or Charlotte. After having Tommy Heinsohn, a hall of famer, Scalabrine is a let down

ESPN’s Coverage of Bronny James.

Since Lebron James has been in the league, ESPN hasn’t let him make one move without covering it. He is always a topic on their shows whether he’s playing or not. Due to that, it shouldn’t have surprised me when they started giving his son the same coverage. However I thought it wouldn’t start until the kid went to college. Nope, for some reason, I’m getting ESPN notification telling me how many points this kid has scored in a high school game.

I cannot for the life of me understand, why they care so much about this kid’s high school games. He is almost definitely not the only very talented high school basketball player in the country but he gets coverage from the biggest sports media outlet in the world just because of who his dad is. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m sure Bronny will be a fantastic player and end up in the NBA but for now, no one cares.

Chaim Bloom

I know what you’re going to say. He’s only been in charge of baseball operations for the Red Sox for a few months and we haven’t even gotten to the season yet. I still have lots of issues with him. For one, the signings he has made are lack luster. I know they’re trying to cut payroll but getting other teams throw aways is not the solution.

He also clearly, does not know much about the Red Sox fanbase. You don’t sign a utility man and then just leave us hanging about Brock Holt’s future. You also can’t let the Yankees make crazy moves and do nothing to try and respond. Finally, he clearly hasn’t made a decision regarding Mookie Betts. This man has no idea how to deal with this fanbase and it doesn’t seem like he wants to learn. I hope I’m wrong and things happen soon but I have a lot of doubt.

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~Mary Evers (@For_Evers_Young)

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