The New York Giants Have Officially Entered Tank Mode

The move we all saw coming has finally happened. The New York Giants have officially canned head coach Ben McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese. All of this just one year after the team made the playoffs. Oh yeah, and they also announced that after being benched this past week, Eli Manning will return to his role as starting quarterback.

I can’t help but laugh at this organization. Remember how good the Giants were supposed to be this year? Everyone was talking about it this past Summer. They can’t control Odell going down, but everything else that has happened is laughable. The defense was horrendous, the offensive line couldn’t block a toddler if they tried, Eli was Eli, Brandon Marshall quit on them, and Ben McAdoo made a fool of himself week in and week out. He might be one of the worst head coaches I’ve ever seen. Their stupidity makes the fact that the Patriots lost two Super Bowls to them sting even more than it did before.

If the season ended today, the Giants would have the second pick in the upcoming draft. With just 4 games left, the smart thing to do would be just pack it in and call it a season. Other than pride, which they don’t have much of to begin with, this team has nothing to play for at this point. Lose out, draft Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold, and start the rebuilding process. You’re officially in tank mode, New York.

And for Eli, trade or release the guy so he can play for a contender. Not that I would pity him if they didn’t, but you can’t hold onto him after all that’s happened this year. It just wouldn’t make any sense. Their best option is to draft a new franchise QB and move on. How about we get Eli to the AFC so the Patriots road to the Super Bowl is even easier. Maybe Denver? They have a thing for Mannings.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say the Giants are the biggest joke in the league, which is really saying something. The Cleveland Browns are 0-12 and I think I’d rather be in their shoes as opposed to New York’s.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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