The New Celtics Alternates Are… Eh

With the NBA teaming up with Nike to design jerseys this season, many teams got a complete facelift from what they were wearing last year. Over the years with jersey changes the Celtics have always seemed to keep it pretty consistent.

In this deal, each team will receive four different jersey’s to choose from during the season. Almost every team has already released at least two of their designs, and for the Celtics not much has changed from what we’ve seen recently:

hayward-irving_mc99hy1zgeep17o5hj22r1ptd2017 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

Today the Charlotte Hornets released what one of their alternate jerseys will look like for this upcoming season. With that, Celtics fans started to wonder what the C’s alternates would look like (myself included). Luckily somebody who had seen the jersey in 2K decided to share a picture of one of the teams new alternates:

If this is real, which I’m assuming it is, I have some mixed emotions. The jersey looks cool and all but to see a Celtics jersey that isn’t white or green just seems fake to me. I know they had those gray sleeved jerseys over the last few years but those were garbage.

Green and white have history attached to them, any other colors that the Celtics wear will always rub me the wrong way. It just doesn’t look right.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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